Check out some of our classes you can do outside of our facility!

Strength w/Anna

All you’ll need is a mat, and a pair of light and medium weights!

Tabata-Strength Circuits

Rd 1 6 min:
-Split Squat w/Overhead Press x10/side
-Upright Row x12

-Jump Squats
-Biceps Curls
-Scissor Kicks
-Close Grip Push Ups

Rd 2 6 min:
-Single Leg DL x10/side
-Ankle Reaches x15

-Same As Above

Rd 3 6 min:
-Renegade Rows x10/side
-Chair Dips x12

Hybrid Cycling

Join Pam for a great cardio workout! She is using a stationary bike, but this workout is designed to be done with any form of cardio – even walking!

Turbulence Strength Circuits

4x Through Each Round

Rd 1
-Piked Push Ups x12
-Prone Pull Downs x12
-Hopping Split Squat ~45 sec

Rd 2
-Side Lunges x10/side
-Two Point Row x10/side
-KB Swing ~45 sec

Rd 3
-Hamstring Curl x12
-Knee to Elbow Plank x10/side
-Burpees ~45 sec

Chair Yoga

Jen’s Chair Yoga offers a variety of seated and standing postures designed to increase flexibility, balance, and range of motion!

EMOM Strength Circuits

RD 1 5 min EMOM
-Squat w/Overhead Press x12
-Plank Drags x 8/side

RD 2 5 min EMOM
-Front Raise x12
-Curtsy Lunge w/Biceps Curl x8/side

RD 3 5 min EMOM
-Ab Crunch x12
-Alternating Push Ups x8/side

RD 4 Tabata
-Chair Dip

SilverSneakers Cardio

Join Jen for a low impact aerobics cardio workout combining fun dance moves! The workout will end with upper body strength, abdominal conditioning, and stretching!

SilverSneakers Cardio Circuit

Active Agers – This class offers standing, low-impact choreography alternated with standing upper-body strength work!

Cardio Dance

Enjoy the same class you love taking from Diane!

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